Natural Hazard Disclosures

Why pay more?

DisclosureSave offers three versions of our Natural Hazard Disclosure Report. Do you only need a standard NHD? Concerned about tax obligations or potential environmental hazards? What ever your needs, we have a report at a competitive price.

DisclosureSave Silver





    • All required hazard disclosures of Sec. 1103 California Civil Code PLUS many Local Disclosures

DisclosureSave Gold


+Tax Assessment Report



    • Includes the DisclosureSave Silver Report PLUS the DisclosureSave Supplemental Tax Report

DisclosureSave Platinum


+Environmental Report



  • Includes the DisclosureSave Gold Report PLUS the DisclosureSave Environmental Concerns Report
What about Commercial Structures?

DisclosureSave offers Commercial versions for all three of our Natural Hazard Disclosure Reports. Simply select “Commercial” under property type when placing an order at

Commercial Silver





Commercial Gold


+Tax Assessment Report



Commercial Platinum


+Environmental Report




What does your NHD report cover?

The DisclosureSave NHD includes all State, County and Local City disclosures (where available), ensuring full disclosure and protection. Per Sec. 1103 of the California Civil code, our NHD includes the following mandated state level determinations: Flood Hazard Zone, Area of Potential Flooding due to Dam Inundation, Very High Fire Hazard Zone, Wildland Fire Area, Earthquake Fault Zone and Seismic Hazard Zone. In addition, we include all local determinations from General Plans: Safety Element issued in the past year and available from local county and city jurisdictions.

Our report also covers other important disclosures including Airport Influence Area, Former Military Ordnance Sites, Right to Farm, Mining Operations, Williamson Ac, Duct Sealing, Tsunami Inundation and Coastal Protection Zones.

The DisclosureSave NHD includes the following important advisories:

      • Megan’s Law


      • Carbon Monoxide Notice


      • Mold Supplement


      • Endangered Species Act Notice


      • Methamphetamine Contaminated Supplement


      • Oil and Gas Well Notice


    • Others

What does your Notice of Special Tax Assessment cover?

The DisclosureSave Tax Assessment discloses the presence of Mello-Roos Community Facilities Districts, as well as 1915 Act Special Assessment Districts. Our information is provided by California Tax Data, the only company in existence with a comprehensive database of California property tax data.

What does your Environmental Report cover?

The DisclosureSave Environmental Report covers various man made environmental hazards located in close proximity to a property. Our report lists and identifies the location of these hazards, which may be of concern to the buyer. These disclosures include, but are not limited to, the property’s location to NPL Sites, Leaking Underground Storage Tanks, Solid Waste Information Systems, and mapped oil or gas wells.

How do I order a NHD report?

Order reports by registering for an online account and filling in the online order form. Reports may also be ordered by fax using our printable order form and faxing it to our office. If you have questions or problems ordering a report, please call our customer service center toll free at 877-302-3262, Mon – Fri, 7:00a.m. – 5:30p.m. PST.

What is your turnaround time?

Obtaining a DisclosureSave report is fast and easy. Most reports are typically delivered online within a few minutes. Fax orders are returned within four business hours.

What if I have trouble opening my PDF report?

Please visit “PDF FAQs” in our News section for troubleshooting tips.

Do you offer a Commercial Report?

DisclosureSave does provide Commercial NHD Reports- created under the same high standards of quality as our residential reports. For a minimum price, it includes all the important disclosures in a single, easy to read NHD report.

Do you guarantee your report?

DisclosureSave backs our reports with our Limited Warranty, subject to terms and conditions. We also have $25 Million in Errors & Omissions liability protection.

Can I order a C.L.U.E.® report?

You can add a C.L.U.E. report to any NHD order for only $19.50.

ATTENTION: The C.L.U.E.® Home Seller’s Disclosure Report C.L.U.E. Report requires the Seller’s Written Authorization. The C.L.U.E.® Home Seller’s Disclosure Report is a “consumer report” protected under state and federal privacy laws such as the U.S. Fair Credit Reporting Act. If you need a blank Authorization Form for your Seller to sign, download it here.

What if I have multiple APNs?

DisclosureSave is happy to process any order, large or small. You can gain the quality of our report on a larger scale with the Master Subdivision NHD Report. For a minimum price, it covers all required disclosures in a single, fully complete and compliant NHD report. Call our office for more information.

What are my payment options?

Credit Card
You may pay by credit card no matter which ordering method you use (Internet or phone). At the time your order is placed, DisclosureSave, LLC obtains a pre-approval from the credit card company for the amount of the order. Credit card billing occurs when your order ships.
Escrow Account
DisclosureSave, LLC accepts payment by escrow account as a valid form of payment. If you wish to pay by escrow account, please complete all escrow information at the time of the order. If you do not have the escrow information, we will contact you at a later date to complete billing information. There is no charge to pay through escrow.

Can I cancel my order?

If a property falls out of escrow, you can cancel your report free of charge.

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